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Cornerstone’s public sector construction portfolio includes work on federal and state courthouses, parks, schools and office buildings. Each project has involved extensive collaboration among administrative arm, facilities groups, community members, building users, and local jurisdictions. We are thoroughly familiar with the mandates established by international building codes and specifications to which these building types are designed and built, and the incorporation of green design and construction principles to achieve sustainability goals.

At Cornerstone, we specialize in meeting the needs of small and large local, state, and federal public-sector clients. Our board knowledge and professional service experience brings vital skill to the scope development, pre-construction planning, equipment & furniture procurement, move coordination and construction administration of simple and complex projects. We appreciate the unique budget and schedule constraints of public projects, as well as the challenges of coordinating with planning boards, obtaining approvals, and meeting governmental requirements. Whether managing the construction of a local recreation center, a school, or the relocation of a police station, we have the expertise to keep your public project on track.