Cornerstone MGI

Project Management

Cornerstone MGI Project Managers HSD South Meadows MS AerialCornerstone Project Managers possess the right combination of skills needed to excel in today’s construction industry. From technical details, budgeting, and scheduling, to organization, leadership and communication, our team utilizes knowledge gained from its extensive list of successful projects. Trust your project to Cornerstone.

Our team has experience overseeing all elements of a project from initial planning to selecting and moving the furniture:


  • Survey the construction site
  • Estimate cost and provide a budget
  • Provide a timeline
  • Negotiate with vendors and suppliers
  • Interview and select personnel


  • Day-to-day supervision of personnel and the site
  • Ensure that materials and tools are available on time
  • Integrate revisions
  • Negotiate vendor bids, contract negotiations, change orders
  • Ensure building practices are in compliance with building codes and safety procedures
  • Meet with inspectors and engineers
  • Resolve issues
  • Support installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment