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Our Commitment to Local Contracting

Cornerstone Management Group has facilitated many capital improvement programs, reaching out to local consultants, contractors, and distributors to inform them of upcoming RFQ and RFP solicitation and to encourage them to pursue work with public clients. Our efforts have resulted in the distribution of up to 70% of bond proceeds to local firms.

Our Commitment to Process Improvement
We have developed and utilize a constructability review process that improves quality, reduces cost, and saves time. This process has benefited stakeholders of hundreds of projects we’ve managed.
Our Commitment to Effective Communication

Cornerstone is committed to creating a congenial and collaborative environment among the client administrators, staff, educators, design team, management team, contractors, and all other stakeholders in order to facilitate open and transparent communication throughout the duration of a project.

Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Cornerstone Management Group strives to deliver win-win results. Our clients are considered our partners with whom we are working toward a common goal. Even if a construction project proves to be successful in every fiscal and aesthetic way, it will be considered a genuine success by Cornerstone only when the end result is a long-term and trusted relationship.